Magic Show Birthday Packages

The Magic Show Birthday Packages from Florida Kids Magician Professor Patches

NOTE: The show is exactly the same for either package – only the ‘extras’ are different

Basic Package

The Basic Package is the magic show as described on the Show Page, but along with this package the Birthday Child is presented with their very own gift bag full of magic tricks, toys, games and all kinds of fun stuff to keep them entertained for years to come. And the other kids receive the Giant Magical Dollar Bill and the Professor Patches Coloring Page.


Deluxe Package

For the last illusion, the Birthday Child is presented with a gigantic magic wand that’s about 3 inches in diameter. This wand is personalized with their name, something they’ll want to keep forever. After using the wand, they find that it is stuffed full of magic tricks, magic booklets, toys and all sorts of goodies for them to keep.

15 goodie bags are included for the other kids as well. These are full of magic tricks, magic booklets, toys, Fortune Telling Fish, Chinese Finger Tortures, giant dollars with tricks on them, magical bookmark, games and a lot of other goodies. They walk out with a ton of stuff and additional goodie bags are available at a nominal cost.


Whatever the choice of magic show birthday packages or the occasion, Professor Patches can individually tailor the show to meet your needs. He performs over 30 shows a month and the calendar fills up quickly, especially on weekends. So please, to avoid disappointment, call and book early! Contact Professor Patches today.

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