Magician Professor Patches’ Birthday Party Ideas and Tips


After literally thousands of performances for children of all ages, I’ve collected some surefire ways to make your child’s birthday unforgettable! Here are some of my best tips for making sure the special day goes smoothly.

Mailbox with balloons - Tips from Professor Patches Naples Magician1 Unless it’s a surprise, it’s a great idea to have your birthday child included in on the planning. They may give you great ideas for themes and colors.

2 Tie 4-5 balloons to your mailbox so arriving guests will have an easy time finding the party. Have the birthday child select the balloon colors.

3 Plan any entertainment for at least one-half hour after the party begins, to allow for latecomers. This way there are no interruptions and everybody gets to see the show!

4 Send invitations out at least two weeks in advance. A good rule of thumb for party length is: 2 hours for children under 6, and 3 hours for older children.

Professor Patches Photo Tips

5 Make sure your phones and cameras are charged – with extra batteries, if needed. Especially if you end up shooting video, you’ll want to capture those special moments that are sure to come.

6 You can get napkins, plates, decorations that match almost any theme from your local party supplier. And some online suppliers even have magic-themed supplies and great ideas, such as Birthday In A Box.

7 Plan on serving the food last. Extra sugar in the kid’s systems too early in the party may make for a livelier time than planned. Cake and ice cream are a great way to put a finale on the party

Professor Patches Pet Tips for a successful party

8 When I’m asked “What food should I serve, and when?”, I usually suggest light snacks, such as small finger-size hot dogs or pizza squares. (Cutting the pizza in squares makes it easier for small children to handle.)

9 Protect your pets. Because some children play a little rougher, the pets may bite if they feel threatened. Generally, I would avoid combining live animals and children’s birthday parties. I suggest pets be placed in a safe area away from the children.

10 Games are an important part of any children’s party, and there are games-a-plenty online or in library books. Again, let the star help decide which games.

 I hope these ideas help to make your child’s special day a long-lasting memory that brings smiles to your faces. If I can help you with any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

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